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According to the American Pregnancy Association, studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy is safe and can achieve the following benefits:

Benefits of Prenatal Massage...

• reduce swelling
• relieve muscle aches and joint pains
• improve sleep
• reduce stress and anxiety
• improve labor outcomes and newborn health

And another wonderful benefit ~

A prenatal massage naturally promotes the release of endorphins for relaxation; these endorphins cross over the placenta allowing the baby to receive the same benefits and relaxation as the mom.  

What can I expect from the massage experience?

We know a common complaint of expectant moms is low back pain and hip pain.  This occurs as the baby grows and changes positions, placing pressure on joints and muscles.   Prenatal Massage not only feels good in these painful areas, but can help maintain a healthy posture through increased body-awareness and released tension. Massage can help moms-to-be throughout her pregnancy and prepare for the birthing process in many ways. One of the main benefits is that it feels good and offers an environment that allows for relaxation and tension release. Massage can also improve body-awareness, which can help with pain management, birthing positions and relaxation techniques during the labor process. Reduction of stress can work wonders on a body. When mom is stressed, studies have shown that baby feels stress too. 

What types of Prenatal Massage are offered?

There are several positions conducive to a comfortable prenatal massage: we use the side-lying position with an oversized body-pillow along with additional pillows placed for comfort and support.  This type of massage is recommended in the early stages of pregnancy.  

We also provide prenatal chair massage which offers a unique way to achieve the healing benefits in a safe and easily accessible way.  It is the most comfortable choice for a pregnant woman, just easing into a massage chair.  No removal of clothing or lifting yourself onto a massage table which can sometimes be difficult in the latter part of pregnancy. 
Our goal is to help mom feel better physically and emotionally, allowing her to focus her energy on the positive and beautiful changes taking place in her life.